Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old Movies

I am a pretty excited person right now. Why you ask? Well, I love old movies and always have. I used to watch old movies with my Grandma all the time and we both loved two movies, State Fair and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Since my Grandma passed away in December I have been looking for these movies on DVD because I knew watching them would remind me of her and in a good and happy way so we have been on the lookout for them. I already had one of them, but somewhere in all the moving this summer, it has disappeared and when I realized it was gone I was pretty upset. Everywhere we looked, nobody seemed to carry them in stores so Aran decided that for part of my Valentine's Day present he would order them for me. Well he didn't get around to actually ordering them until about a week ago (he is very good at procrastinating).

Well, yesterday we arrived at the apartments to find a box from Amazon awaiting us in our mailbox. In it were three movies; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Easter Parade, and The Lady Eve. I was so excited because I have been wanting to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers lately so it came at the perfect time.  I have never seen the Easter Parade but I had mentioned to Aran that I wanted to see it (thank you for listening honey). It has Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in it so it must be good,  so I am looking forward to watching that one too. Aran ordered The Lady Eve for himself and he ordered State Fair too but he ordered it from a different company so we still have to wait for that one to get here which sucks but atleast I have a few other movies to keep me busy while I wait on it. I am so excited to watch all of them simply because I miss my Grandma so much and I just want something happy to remember her by right now. This is the best way that I can think to do that right now, other than to go play Bingo of course, but for right now, I think this will be perfect.

If you guys have any old movies, especially musicals that you would recommend, please do! I am always looking for new movies to watch. I hope that everyone is having an exceptionally great Tuesday!!


  1. Ahh I love old movies! I'm a huge Rodgers and Hammerstein fan and I love Fred Astaire. My favorite Astaire movie is Swing Time :) Excellent choices!

  2. I haven't seen that one, but I will have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. I love Rodgers and Hammerstein movies. They are some of the best!


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