Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stupid Questions, Stupid Answers

I had to share this story with everyone because my co-worker and I were laughing so much that a few people actually came in to see what was going on, haha! So I was standing at the sink back in the kitchen at work. I was washing out my tupperware from lunch and you could clearly tell that I was washing it out. Well this lady that works with my company walks back and looks at me and says in a really annoying voice, "So, are you washing your dishes?" Being the nice person that I am, I said yes and went about my business, but my head was screaming something more along the lines of "Nope! Just filling up my water bowl! Here's your sign!" I told my co-worker when I got back to my desk about what my head was really thinking when she asked me that and she started laughing so hard that neither of us could barely contain it. And this person that asked me this tends to get on our nerves, so I just had to share it with her. I hope this makes you smile and brightens up your day like it did for me. Happy Wednesday!

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