Monday, March 28, 2011

Rings n' Things

I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty busy as I had explained it would be. Friday was filled with me and my sister going to store after store after store to find her a Prom dress. Thankfully we found one at the last store that she liked enough to buy. I also got two new tires for my car and an alignment and now my car feels amazing when I drive it. It doesn't shake at high speeds anymore, yay! But I did find out that I have a really bad oil leak, which I have known about, but no one in my family felt that it was very important to fix. Well, I guess it is really bad now so I am going to have to have my brother fix it soon or apparently I will lose my engine. So says my dad who tends to blow things up bigger than they really are, haha!

Aran and I also went to meet two more photographers and we looked at the venue where we are having our reception. We decided not to go with either of the photographers that we talked with this weekend, but we did decide to go with the ones that we met with two weekends ago. Yay for Yellow Paddle Photography being awesome and having amazing prices that we could afford. Our venue is amazing. I absolutely love it! They have the colors that we want for the linens on the tables and it is just beautiful. I am so excited. We also found out that they will waive the $1500 site fee if we have a minimum of 100 people that we buy dinners for. So we will be buying a 100 meals no matter what because we will be saving ourselves $1500. Definitely worth it! We were only wanting about 100 people to attend anyways so hopefully it works to be around that many guests.

It was a pretty busy weekend for us, but other than all of the running around that we did, it wasn't too bad. I finally got my ring back yesterday too. I was a very happy girl and I couldn't stop looking at it because they cleaned it and it was so sparkly. I kept looking at it and thinking to myself "Hello pretty!" Haha! I know, a little crazy, but if you have ever had to go without your ring for a week you probably understand how excited I was to have it back. We also picked out Aran's wedding band. I really wanted to get him one of those bands that doesn't scratch. They are made out of a metal called tungsten. Some stores will do a demonstration where they take a big metal file and run it over the rings and when they pull it away, there are absolutely no scratches. I have seen it and it is way cool. However, they do not make them below a size 8 and well Aran has really long skinny fingers, some people refer to them as surgeon fingers, but because he has such skinny fingers, we can't get him one of those. I was a little bummed. But we found a ring that is pretty similar that is pretty scratch resistant and that can be ordered in his size. It is called Brute Cobalt so it is a little bit stronger metal and it is pretty inexpensive as well.

Well, I should probably get back to work and be somewhat productive, haha! I hope that everyone had a pretty relaxing weekend and enjoyed their few days off.



  1. glad the venue is working out!

  2. Me too! We are sending out deposits this week! Crazy!


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