Monday, March 7, 2011

Amazing Weekend

What a weekend! It was very busy, but very productive as well. As most of you know, my best friend came down for the weekend to go house hunting and to go dress shopping with me. So Friday morning we went to look at a few houses for her, but didn't really see anything that was worth the rent. So she made an appointment to look at another house later that afternoon so we went to lunch at On The Border and then left there to go to my dress appointment. Well, let me just say that I wish that I would have started my dress search by going to this place. We went to Something New Boutique, which is where my bestie found her wedding dress. Our consultant, Julia, who the bestie had as well was so helpful and so nice and just made me feel so comfortable. Even though some of the dresses that I wanted to try on weren't in my size, I was still able to try them on and get a general idea of what they were going to look like. By the end of the appointment, I had two dresses that I was absolutley in LOVE with. So I decided to call my Mom and have her come down on Saturday so that she could see them and see which one she liked the best. Here are the two that I had it narrowed down to:

So after the appointment at the dress shop, we went to ULTA, which if you are a girl and haven't been there, I highly recommend it. It is a one stop shop for make-up, hair, nails and all of that fun girly stuff that we love. The besty got her hair cut and I browsed around at the make-up and other things. After we left there, we went to the last house appointment for the day. The house was adorable and cute and just perfect for the bestie and her husband. So..... she found a house! Yay! Later that night we went to the movies to see "Rango" with my fiancee and his friend Bret. The movie was pretty good and it was filled with adult humor. Most people would probably go home after a movie and go to bed, well that isn't usually the case with us, haha!

We stayed up and made cupcakes until about 2:30 in the morning. They were well worth it. They were Black Forest cupcakes and they were delicious. You can get the recipe here. After a long night we did finally go to bed. The next day my Mom came down so that she could see the two dresses and help me decide on which one. Before we went to the dress shop, we went to P.F. Chang's with my family, which was very delicious. I have never been there before, but I am now a fan. Then we went to the dress shop again. I showed my mom both dresses and everyone agreed on the same dress. OMG! I never thought that would happen, haha! And the winner is................................................................................................................................................

I LOVE this dress! It makes my waist look amazing and it has just enough poof for me. The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back, which was nice because the rest of it was pretty crazy. I loved spending time with my bestie this past weekend and if the weather is supposed to do what they are saying, she may stay a few more days. Yay!

I will be putting pictures up of the cupcakes that we made within the next few days so be sure to look for those. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I won a giveaway!! Whoo hoo! I won the giveaway from Homemade By Monica. I won a huge box full of mystery craft supplies and I am super excited to see what is in there. Hopefully I can make something super crafty with it and make her proud. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. PF Chang's is so delicious! I LOVE your dress, it is fantastic. Just the right amount of poof and sparkle!

  2. Aww, thanks!! I love it and now I can't wait to actually go order it. Thanks for reading! :)

  3. LOVE that dress!

    And about the wisdom teeth comment....they weren't as bad as I made it seem. I actually had no pain from the surgery, it was just hard to eat...and it made me cranky haha. You will be fine! :)

  4. So glad you two had a great weekend. That dress is amazing!


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