Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

If any of you have ever gotten married, I am sure that you know how difficult picking out the Bridesmaid dress is. Not only do you have to think about what each girl would like but you have to think about if it will look good on everyone and is the price reasonable. And since I am getting married in a catholic church, we also have to make sure that there is some type of strap or sleeve on the dress as well.

I was originally going to have my fiance's mom make the bridesmaid dresses, so that we could cut down the cost of the dress for everyone and also this way we would know that they would fit. Well, we have started to stray away from that idea because we found a dress that we think may just work for everyone. Some of you may have seen this style of dress on My Fair Wedding with David Tutera if you are obsessed with that show like I am. The dress featured on his show is by Twobirds and it is more commonly called a twist wrap dress. Now if you haven't seen this dress and have no idea what I am talking about, let me just start by saying that this dress is amazing. You twist and wrap this dress into probably 15 to 20 different styles and this makes it figure flattering on almost everyone (so they say).

Considering that the dress from Twobirds is almost $300, I started looking into similar dresses that were made by different designers. There are quite a few on Etsy and they range from $80 to $300. The problem that we were running into is that a few of the girls in the wedding party actually want to try them on first, which to me is a big thing too. If you dont' feel good in something, then I wouldn't want to spend the money on it either.

Wanting to actually try them on, resulted in a google search to see if there were any other designers that made this type of dress that may be at a Bridal Shop. Lucky for us, there is! There is a company called The Dessy Group, that makes a dress very similar to the Twobirds dress. We proceeded to look at where they could be found, and much to our surprise and excitement, the small boutique that I am buying my wedding dress from carries this designer and this particular dress!

I am hoping that when I go to order my dress that all of my bridesmaids, except Veronica because she is in Alaska, will be able to join me and that way they can try the dress on. If they are not all able to try on this dress, The Dessy Group has this really cool thing that they do to help you out. For $35 they will loan you a dress in your size for you to try on at home to see if you like it. I think that is such a great idea and that more places should do things like this. So we may end up doing that as well. I am hoping that they all love this dress because it would make everything a whole lot easier for everyone I believe. Fingers crossed!

 If you want to see what the dress looks like, go here.


  1. i will wear whatever you want...gladly a twist dress then i can change for the party !!! love you

  2. A friend of mine had these for her bridesmaids last summer and they were fabulous! Victoria's Secret has a full-length one here for $79:

    They are gorgeous!


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