Friday, March 25, 2011

Randomness of Things I Have Been Wanting to Mention

Okay so I have been a slacker and have been forgetting to post some things. My bad! So here goes. Get ready for a lot of pictures (there has to be a better way to do this!)

#1 Pictures of when the besty was here and we made cupcakes for her birthday at like midnight.

So they didn't have a 2 candle at the store
so we improvised by getting a 6 and a 3 so
that we could divide. 6/3=2

Singing Happy Birthday

#2 Finished tutu's for my nieces

#3 Care package that I sent to Lou for packing and traveling
Sheldon wanted to help, but he was
actually making it more difficult

Some bad ass sunglasses
for the drive

Tape for packing up boxes

Some silly string just in
case someone cuts her off

Some awesome travel music

Snacks for the road

Some gum for the long trip

For labeling boxes

Some awesome animal air freshners
for the new Jeep

And some bubble wrap for the breakables

#4 The cool things that I have come up with so far from the mystery craft box that I won from Homemade By Monica
Scorched flower that I made with
paper flower middle

I am using them as a cute decoration
for my girly bathroom


  1. Love the inventiveness of 6/3 :) And good travel music is a must! I would go nuts without it. Awesome care package.

  2. very cute!
    love the tutus and those cupcakes look yummy!!


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