Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Car Trouble

Why is it that your car always decides to have problems at the most inconvenient times? And can I just say that if Aran or I have anymore problems with our vehicles this week, I am going to scream. First, my brother pointed out to me on Sunday that my back driver side tire had a huge bald spot on it. Upon further inspection we realized that some of the chord was actually showing too, so I have been trying to baby that tire until I can take it in on Friday. I am not even sure how the tire got the way that it is. My guess is the pothole that I hit the other day, but it wasn't even that big of a pothole, but that would be my luck.

I know it isn't Christmas, but it was
just too funny not to put up!
Since my tire is not very safe to drive on, we have been driving Aran's car to work. We work at the same place so we always just switch off on taking one vehicle. Well yesterday when we went to leave for work, Aran's car was having trouble starting. We are not sure why either. When I took the car to lunch yesterday it started just fine for me so we didn't think much about it until we went to leave work yesterday and it did the same thing. Well this morning, it almost didn't start again and then when I went to lunch again, I barely got it started. So at lunch I took his car home and got mine. So now I am worried that my tire is going to pop and that his car is not going to start. If neither of our cars work, we are screwed.

We are supposed to take Aran's car to his brothers work after we get off of work today and they are going to test the battery out. We are hoping that is all that is wrong, but with our luck, it is probably more than just the battery. My money is on the starter, but I am a girl and nobody ever listens to me on these type of things. I am praying that it is just the battery, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was something else. Please Car Gods, just let it be the battery, and also Car Gods, will you please quit making things break at the most inconvenient times? We have had enough this week and I don't know that I can handle any more so please, please, please, please stop? It would be very much appreciated.

Hope everyone else's week is going a better than mine so far. Happy Wednesday!


  1. man girl, your car cant die its a machine. and arans....hello that car is supposed to last forever. hahh good luck

  2. Thankfully we fixed Arans. It just needed a battery. I am taking mine tomorrow to go get the tires fixed so we should be okay. Fingers crossed! I know, I feel like my car can't die either. It has lasted through so much that I feel like it should keep fighting for a few more years, haha.


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