Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Dance 2

So yesterday was my first day of going without an hour of TV so I decided to exercise during that time. Now Aran and I debated whether or not it was cheating if I used the TV to exercise, because really I am still watching the TV. We came to the conclusion that it was okay because I am not just sitting there doing nothing, I am actually off the couch and moving, which was kind of the whole point. So I decided to use one of the many video games that we have to exercise.

Can I just say that I love the new craze of dancing games. They are so much fun and that is what I love about them. It is hard to tell that you are actually getting a good exercise, because you are having so much fun. We don't have the Kinect yet so I can't play Dance Central, but we do have a Wii so we bought the Just Dance games. They are a blast. Not as good as Dance Central in my opinion, but close enough. I did that for about forty minutes. I just put it on shuffle and it just keeps going through the songs. I would have to say that my favorite songs on Just Dance 2 are "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha, "S.O.S" by Rihanna and "Firework" by Katy Perry. Well, last night I came across one that I had never done before. It was "Body Moving" by The Beastie Boys. It was the most fun I have had on that game in a long time. And my legs were burning so badly by the time that I was done. I would highly recommend it if you have the game. Today will be day 2 of an hour without TV, hopefully I can have as much fun as I did last night.

On another note, my brother and my sister-in-law got a new house! Yay! So I will definitely be helping them move probably within the next couple of weeks. And if you there is one thing I hate the most, it is moving, haha! There is just too much work involved with packing everything up just to unpack it again. And I have moved A LOT! I mean I moved atleast two times a year for the past four years because of college, so I have quite the experience with moving. And even just moving myself in and out of a small on campus apartment was ridiculous, so I am sure that you can imagine how much I hate moving a HUGE house, haha! But, because they are family I will help them, because I love them, but also because I know that I will probably be moving this summer and I am going to make damn sure that they help us, hahahahaha! In all honesty though, I am very excited for them and I hope that this new place is everything that they want it to be and that they can stay there for a very long time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and hopefully your weather is as good as ours is today in Colorado and are enjoying it as much as I am.



  1. why didnt we play that when i was there :(

  2. I thought about that when I put it in last night. I was sad too! It will be here when you get back though!


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